Time Tracking Software that works

Time tracking software for freelancers, consultants and contractor is often too complicated and doesn't get used.

Look at time tracking software or tools for contractors, freelancers and consultants productivity and you'll find that most are things like Quickbooks and Basecamp which have time tracking software and time tracking reporting as a secondary feature.

Don't expect time tracking iphone, cell phone, email dropbox or Instant Message support because time, expense and mileage tracking is not their main purpose.

Time tracking software from your iphone or cell phone

Billabill lets you connect from your iphone or any web enabled cell phone or mobile to add time tracking, mileage or expense entries.

Time tracking via Instant Message

Communicate via Instant Message to add time tracking entries into Billabill, or just add reminders to deal with later.

Time tracking email drop box

If you are emailing a client about work done, just copy the email to the email drop box to create a reminder inside Billabill.