iPhone Application

Track time from your iPhone

Billabill supports iPhones and other mobile devices, allowing you to add time, cost and mileage information on the go, from anywhere.

The iPhone interface is optimized for speed and efficiency. It has a very simple task, so it's built to be extra light and fast even over the EDGE network.

All you have to do is point your iPhone to billabill.com/login and it will be auto-sensed. Your login details can be remembered, so next time you come back you'll be bounced straight to the admin screen. If you loose your iPhone, you can reset the remember me from your main login!

iPhone time tracking simplicity

You can jump to the main admin and do anything from your iPhone, but what you're most likely to use your iPhone for is to ADD a time, cost or mileage tracking event. It's so easy - just choose the project from a picklist, enter an amount and quick description, then click "Time", "Cost" or "Mileage". DONE!