Wump Services Announces Billabill.com for Tracking and Reporting Time, Expenses and Mileage

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Article Last Updated: 05/15/2008 03:15:10 PM MDT

DENVER, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Wump Services Inc.'s Billabill.com is a simple, easy-to-use, flexible online tracking tool that helps individuals get into the daily habit of tracking billable time, expenses and mileage. Perfect for contractors, consultants or anyone who bills projects by the hour, users can add billable events by web browser, iPhone, cell phone, Instant Messenger (IM) and email.

Billabill.com easily fits into anyone's routine

Billabill.com makes time tracking and reporting easier. Whether it's end-of-month invoicing, an expense report, or an annual mileage report for a tax return, Billabill.com takes the pain out of paperwork.

With any time tracking system, there is one action that is more important than all the others combined: "Add Event." When shopping for a time, expense or mileage tracking solution, the system has no value until it has your data in it. Billabill.com is aimed at the "individual" level in small businesses, such as contractors, consultants and freelancers, because its ease of use, flexibility and efficiency allows it to become part of anyone's routine. That means spending less time and making more money.

Billabill.com maintains a simple user interface

Billabill.com is designed and built from the ground up with the assumption that those who use it are busy and don't like paperwork, making the "add event" step as simple, fast and painless as possible. By accessing the user interface through web browsers, cell phones, iPhones, Instant Messengers and email, the user does not have to login to a separate software to track their events.

Billabill.com is different

In the world of tracking software and services, products range from complex and expensive enterprise-level productivity suites to tracking sub-features of project management and accounting software.

That's why Wump Services Inc. CEO Keith Hunniford began looking for another way. According to Hunniford: "I started building Billabill.com the day I realized that even though I had access to three tools to track time, I wasn't using any of them. The sticky-notes-on-my-monitor method was losing me money, delaying my invoicing, and affecting my reporting to clients."

Billabill.com can share information directly with your clients so you don't have to. By providing a client's email address, Billabill.com can help them set up a "read only" account that will allow them to watch the projects you have associated with them.


  • Groups events (time, expense and mileage) for one or more projects and bundles them together into a single report, perfect for invoicing support, expense reports, mileage reports and more.

  • Supports iPhones and other mobile devices, allowing on-the-go entry of time, cost and mileage.

  • Accepts incoming Instant Messages (IM) to create tracking events or reminders

  • Allows users to create reminders inside Billabill.com with an email drop box. Drop in an email or copy an email to a client that should later be added as a billable event.