FREE Signup

What does "FREE" mean?

Exactly what you think. When you signup there is no credit card required, there is no time limit and all the features of Billabill are available to you right away.

Why is there a price then?

The charge of $7.95 is for people who after creating 5 projects want to create more. In other words, the people who are serious about using the tool, and are getting to a point where it's fair for us to expect to charge for continued service.

That's fair, right? We really don't see the sense in going bust trying to create a free-for-all service with the hope that one day Google will buy us. Instead, we charge a minimal monthly fee to the people who get to a certain usage point.

What if I only create one or two projects?

Then it's free for good. We expect many people will use Billabill just to track their business mileage and maybe an expense report or two. No big deal. Enjoy.